Mrs. Quiñanola's ECS Student Exhibit

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Welcome to an exhibit of my students' work in Exploring Computer Science (ECS). Laguna Hills High School is part of the Saddleback Valley Unified School District, an affiliate of The ECS curriculum was developed by Joanna Goode and Gail Chapman of the University of Oregon and University of California, Los Angeles, respectively. It is with their permission that trains teachers to use their curriculum (

Unit 3 in the course curriculum is all about coding in HTML and CSS. I have been amazed with the caliber of work produced by my high school students and wanted to display their skills on this website. I also wanted to make a demonstration website for them to see what they can do creatively using HTML and CSS.

If you are a current ECS teacher, I have attached PDF versions of handouts as well as instructions that students were given in Google Classroom. Please make sure you credit me for these resources. If you would like an editable file, please e-mail me at

Enjoy their assignments and websites!

Mrs. Quinanola

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